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Schenectady High School Key Club
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The Schenectady Kiwanis Club was thrilled to host a visit from Schenectady High...

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Kiwanis member as joined together with YWCA staff for PAINT DAY.  Kiwanis...

Schenectady Police Chief Eric Cliffird addresses Schenectady Kiwanis
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Chief of Police Eric Clifford flanked by speaker chair Mike Della Rocco and...

Mohawk Division Lt. Gov. Addresses Schenectady Kiwanis
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Our guest speaker, Peg Cassidy, Lt Governor of the Mohawk Division and a member...

Sex trafficking here?
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 On Wednesday, 11/29/17, Deborah Fowler attended our meeting as guest speaker...


Key Club Volunteers for Vale Cemetery 2011-2012

Students from Schenectady High School Key Club help as volunteers to Vale Cemetery fall clean-up on November19th.

Mr. William – teacher with Salome Pergasawmy and Jasiere Jakggarsol


KEY CLUB 2010-2011


Sharan A. Coppola, Schenectady Kiwanis Foundation President, presents Key Club of Schenectady High School with a banner to be used at their functions.  The support came from the Schenectady Kiwanis Foundation in memory and honor of the late and long time Kiwanis member, Arnold Amell who was a former Schenectady City School District administrator. 

From left to right are: Joshua Goldstein, Dana Mancini; David Williams and Marisa Rivituso high school Key Club advisors and Sharran Coppola, Foundation President.   


                                                   KEY CLUB 2009-2010 

 50 Hours of Service

            Our members were required to serve the community for 50 hours. Many members accomplished this by doing individual and/or group activities. A few of our members participate in a play production for the school. Each play is very time consuming and involves a huge commitment from students.

            Our members partake in activities such as school and community clean ups. Some also are involve in their churches and congregations. A lot of our members also help with babysitting for the PTO whenever meetings are held. A couple of our members also tutored a few kids in order to help them with their studies.

Heritage Home for Women

            Our involvement with the Heritage Home for Women was the most regular activity this year. From the very beginning, the officers, along with Mrs. Palmieri, planned to have Key Club be a part of the Heritage Home on a regular basis. We stuck with our commitment, with our members visiting the Home every second Saturday of the month. We usually visit as the ladies are playing Bingo. Some of us also stay a little longer to spend time with these ladies. We usually chat with them until lunch.

            This Valentine’s Day, we prepared Valentines cards for them. To brighten up their February 14th, our members made Valentines Day cards for everyone in the home, with each one being unique.


Blood Drives


            Blood Drives have always been a part of the Club. This year, as we have in the past, we signed people up for blood donations during lunch and helped prepare for the Blood Drive in the high school. A few members also took the time to help out during the Blood Drive, checking people in and preparing the donors for the blood donation.


School Events


            There are many events in Schenectady High to promote diversity. Events such as the Native American Night, International Night, and Black History Night are among them. Most of our members participate in these events. They help prepare for the event beforehand, or help run them. A common job in these events is being a food server. We also help clean up after the event.

2009-2010 Academic Year



Schenectady High School Key Club members and faculty advisor Valerie Palmieri visited the Kiwanis Club of Schenectady. They informed our members of their activities. 

Schenectady High School Key Club Recap:”


“Since September 2009, the beginning of the school year, the Schenectady High School Key Club has done various volunteer work. So far, we mostly have volunteered as individuals as opposed to Key Club as a whole, but our plans for 2010 include more volunteering as a group. We have had a lot of dedicated volunteers helping out different organizations. For example, we had some people help out with the Breast Cancer Walk in October. We have also had some members help out with their churches.

A lot of Key Club volunteers help out at school functions. The first event in the school when Key Club members participated as a group was the Back to School Night. We helped promote Key Club to parents in order to attract more students to join us. Other school functions where Key Club participated in were the Hispanic Heritage Night, the Native American Night, and a Movie Night in Zoller Elementary School.

We also have volunteered in the Heritage Home, a home for the elderly, a couple of times. In those few times, a small group of volunteers did arts and crafts with the residents. Volunteering at the Heritage Home is something we look forward to doing more, as well as having a bigger group of volunteers to come. The Heritage Home is very welcoming of volunteers, so Key Club is looking into making a regular volunteering schedule with them (ie. once a month).

We also continue to be involved in helping with Red Cross blood drives. This year, we signed people up for the blood drive. We also had a few members helping out by handing out snacks to people who donated and helped them prepare for the procedure (by having them read information about it).

We first began raising funds through the pep rally in the fall. We sold glow sticks and bracelets in order to raise funds for our Key Club Chapter. We have also raised a lot of funds through bake sales. Most of our members contribute to our bake sales, with baking or selling the goods. We have done very well in all of our bake sales.”